Accessorized for Summer

This spring I decided to make myself a new backpack. My default one, the one I’d been using for years, needed a holiday. I couldn’t picture myself toting
around a heavy black leather bag all spring and summer long, and I had a beautiful flora and fauna seasonal print that I wanted to make use of. I thought it would make an awesome warm weather backpack, so I headed down to my local Jo Ann fabrics and bought a backpack pattern that matched what I had in mind. As you can see, it came out great! The challenge I faced in constructing this work was matching the vertical one-way pattern. It took me awhile, but I
succeeded and achieved the look I intended, which is a matched mural of the print itself.
Of course I couldn’t stop there! I had leftover fabric so I decided to make matching accessories. I constructed the wallet with the same standard of matching the print (check the body of the wallet with the closure tab), and the coin purse was another useful item I decided that I needed.
Here’s the extra pics,  with photography by Photo0pal.




  1. Wow this is SO cool! I have always wanted to make a back pack, and the closest I got (that was fit to be seen in public, lol) was a duffel bag. It was kind of like a ditty bag and not so practical when hunting for keys at the bottom, haha!


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