It Starts With A Fabric

A few years back I got a lot of free fabric from a Craigslist offering. The person had an entire van full of fabrics and patterns in boxes and needed to clear the van because they were moving. I couldn’t take all of it, but I managed to haul quite a bit. Each box was a surprise, with some cool fabrics that I always
like, such as velvet, and some that I don’t care much for, such as polyesters. This brings me to the issue of taste. Obtaining free stock isn’t always the greatest boon because one has to tolerate colors and fabrics that aren’t in one’s personal aesthetic. And there’s the matter of yardage, too. Alot of one fabric and not enough of another.
I’ve used a good deal of the fabric since I obtained it, some for fashion and some for wardrobe basics for my family. Lately the situation of storing the fabric is getting down to the wire . I have to make use of the set asides, the difficult, and the disliked because I need to make space.
The fabric I’m currently working with is a strange gray rayon of some sort, with an intricate weave of sweeping flourishes. For a long time I used it as a room decor fabric, but I’ve recently decided that I should make a garment out of it. I find the contradictory attributes of it to be intriguing: a fabric with a mediocre to drab matte color that has a beautiful weave. Most definitely a challenge!

Photography by Photo0pal.


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