Style For the Daily Prompt!

In response to today’s Daily Prompt  I’m making this post. I paid a visit to my local fabric shop.
This visit is something I’d been planning on doing, and the Daily Prompt couldn’t have come at a better time. I wanted to show a picture of the fabric that I used to make the pants I’m wearing in the pics.
I wanted to show the fabric on the bolt in the fabric store. As it turns out, they didn’t have the silvery blue material anymore. They had the alternate version: a golden blue, so I had to be content with that. This was surprising, since I’ve seen the fabric there every time I’ve visited since I made these, which was a few months ago. Did I mention that I visit alot? The store is Joann’s  and its a favorite haunt of mine 🙂
For those of you outside of the U.S., Joann’s is the big fabric store chain of America.
Now for some details on the pants: the pattern I used is the Ruby Shorts from Burda. I modified it to pants length and an extreme flare bell bottom. I also made some pattern corrections to fit my figure better, as part of my patternmaking studies. By the way, I also made the top I’m wearing in the pics! The pattern is from McCall’s, and as of this writing is an out of print pattern, which is another surprise because its a relatively new pattern as far as I know. I’m so glad I have it! Kudos to my daughters for buying it, and kudos to me for making one of the shirts 😀   It seems that the exact same thing that occurred with the pants fabric happened with the stretch knit that I used for the shirt.  The store was out of the black jersey with the silver flecks, and only had the jersey with gold flecks. My conclusion after today’s visit is that silver is more popular than gold as far as the current fashion climate is concerned.
A few words about style and what it means to me: Its an expression of oneself and what makes one happy.
Its a fantastic artistic outlet that shows the world who I am.   Thanks so much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it!

Photography by Photo0pal

10.4.2013 399


10.4.2013 412

10.4.2013 414

10.4.2013 417


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