Accessorized For Autumn/Winter 2013

I had some fabric left over from the pants I made,  and I had some cool colored denim in my stash that I wanted to use.   I needed a new bag for the current season,  and wanted to try my hand at making another wallet,  since the first one came out pretty good and was so much fun to use in the stores!  I like back packs because they leave my arms and hands free without cutting across the front of my body,  and hence,  my outfit.

This is the product of my designing efforts:



The “back” of the bag has a green panel of denim,  however its completely reversible…I just like the purple better so I call it the front.



And  2  last ones showing the wallet up close.  This version of my wallet design has an attached coin purse.  I really missed having that on the last one.  I don’t like a separate coin purse very much,   so I changed the design,  however I had to hand stitch one area

because it was way too thick for my machine.  The fuchsia lining of the wallet matches the lining of the bag,  which is some cotton/rayon kind of fabric from my Craiglist haul.

Photography by Photo0pal





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