A Red Sweater in Progress

My latest project is a knitted one.  I’m knitting a sweater in a yarn called Alpaca Dance by Premier Yarns.
The color I’m using is called Red Haze,  and the yarn is part of the Deborah Norville collection.  Its a soft blend of 75% acrylic and 25% Alpaca wool.  The sweater is a simple
yet fitted pullover.  The pattern is my own design.  As you can see,  its being knit circularly.  The idea is to make it in one piece,  and I’ve started my design from the bottom,   knit to the top,  with a raglan shaping for the shoulders.  This pic is from after I finished the torso and cast on the sleeves.   I’m currently working on the sleeves.  Its a little difficult to envision how the finished sweater will look at this point,  because one sleeve has knitting needles attached and the other sleeve still has to be made,  but I’ve tried it on as of the writing of this post,  and so far I’m pleased with the fit.

Photography by Photo0pal
Here’s the prelim pic:




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