My First Make Of 2014

My sewing skills are often put to use in the area of home decor.  A bed pillow was recently replaced by a member of my family.  There was nothing wrong with the old one,  its made of memory foam and is still functional,  so I decided to make a decorator cover for it and use it as a backrest or headrest on the sofa.
I decided to use some of the polyester I have around that I got for free awhile back.  I was originally going to make a plainer pillowcase with a zippered side,  but I didn’t have the right size zipper in my recycled stash, and I didn’t feel like buying one,  so… I looked through my buttons collection,  found the perfect 3 to match
the fabric,  and voila!  Some pizazz for polyester,  and a nice, simple way to start off my sewing new year.

Photography by Photo0pal







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