Everything Except The Shoes!

Alright not exactly, but almost.  I did make nearly everything I’m wearing however.   In this outfit I made the skirt,  the sweater,  the socks,  and the leggings.  The skirt is a simple drawstring made from a length of sweatshirt fleece from my Craig’s haul. I finally found the perfect use for that,  and used up all of it.  The sweater is a self designed hand knit that I previewed in an earlier post. Its a combination of both knitting and crocheting,  with the collar above the raglan ribbing being a crocheted lace that I threaded a drawstring through.    I’m quite pleased with it!  I may publish the pattern in the near future.  The socks are the same story, and the leggings are from McCalls 6173,  which is a great basic pattern,  but which I’ll have to make some adjustments to in order to fit my lower legs in the snug way that I like leggings to fit.

The shoes are by Aerology, and the shirt underneath my sweater is by Great Northwest.

Finally, the coat is a thrift store find that I upcycled by switching out the original loops which were straw colored,  for black shoelace loops,  and by staining the originally natural colored wood toggles black.

Photography by Photo0pal.


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