Mason Jar Pincushion Tutorial

This is a cool craft project that yields a useful sewing item from a mason jar.   I’ve been meaning to get around to making one of these for awhile and am finally finding the time now.  I first read about this project in a library book on Norwegian cottage style (can’t remember the name, sorry),  and thought it was a great idea.  The author didn’t know who to give credit to for the creation,  so its probably been around for a long time.

I needed a new storage bin for my buttons,  which were stored in a plastic container up until now.  I think glass is classier,  and I can always find use for another pincushion 😀

Mason Jar Tutorial 001












Mason Jar Tutorial 007

Materials Needed:

  • 1 mason (canning or jelly) jar,  complete with the 2 pieces
  •  Fabric enough to cover the jar lid and extends beyond the lid 2 inches
  •  Fiberfill to form the pincushion with:  Any batting or fiberloft will do.
  • A glue gun or craft glue
  • Cardstock the diameter of the jar lid  (Optional, but gives a more finished look)

I’ve shown 2 different types of fiberfill:  cotton batting  and plain polyester stuffing.  I’m going to use a combo of both,  but if you only have one kind,   that’s fine too.  I’m also substituting lightweight cardboard for the cardstock, which I didn’t have on hand.

  1. Begin by cutting out a fabric circle the diameter of the lid plus at least 1 in (2cm) extra.  I cut mine 2 inches (5 cm) larger to accommodate the wideness of the lid.
  2. Stitch a circle of running stitches along the border of your fabric (I made mine an inch (2 cm) from the edge),  being sure to leave a long tail of thread at the beginning and end of your stitching.
  3. Gather and adjust the stitches with the threads so that the fabric forms a bonnet,  and fill the bonnet with the stuffing.  I cut a layer of cotton batting and filled the rest with poly stuffing.
  4. Insert the lid and adjust the gathers.  Also trim the fabric close to the gathers if necessary at this point.  This is important for keeping the bulkiness to a minimum.
  5. Sparingly glue the fabric to the lid,  using a thin layer of glue.
  6. Cut a circle of cardstock out that equals the diameter of the lid.
  7. Cut a circle of fabric the diameter of the lid and glue it to the cardstock. (optional,  but looks nice because it matches the pincushion).
  8. Glue the card piece to the lid, and trim around the cushion if necessary.
  9. Push the pouf through the open end of the jar lid.  Press to get as flush as possible.
  10. Test the fit of the cushioned lid on the jar.
  11. Add your pins to the cushion and your notions to the jar.  You’re done!

Notes,  Observations and Discoveries

  • Go easy on the amount of glue used.  I gooped up the gathered edge too much on my first try with the glue gun,  and had to replace the lid piece.
  • Make the assembly as thin and unbulky as possible.
  • Most tutorials for this craft recommend gluing the cushion assembly to the upper inside rim of the screw top lid.  I didn’t do that,  mostly because I anticipated trouble with passing the cushion through to the top without getting glue on it.  Mine is holding fine without glue,  and since its an item that gets opened and closed occasionally,  I’m going to leave well enough alone.

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