Weekly Retrospective 6

This is a pair of crocheted socks that I made circa 2006. They were my first effort at sock making,  during a time when knitting was still dominant and crochet patterns for items like socks were sparse. I crocheted long before I learned how to knit.  I often thought I was missing out because I didn’t know how to knit.  I thought that knitting was more versatile and faster to produce, which is why I eventually taught myself how.  Turns out that they both take about the same amount of time to produce an object,  depending on how complex the design is.  Heck,  knitting might even take longer.  Nowadays crocheting has taken its place alongside knitting as an equivalent art form,  and many people are discovering and proving its awesome design potential. Looking back at these socks that I made,  I think they came out great;  they have a rustic look and the stitch definition is a nice change from knit.   They’re just rather thick because I made them with worsted weight yarn.    Note to self: crochet a pair of socks in fingering weight yarn one of these days. It’ll be a refreshing break from dpns.030 033 037

I wore these alot!
I wore these alot!



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