Weekly Retrospective 9

I made this quilt 2 years ago.  Its a scrap/stashbuster,  and my first effort at traditional quilting.  Its a lightweight Spring/Summer quilt.  I’ve made many pieced blankets,  but they were never actually quilted,  they were tufted.  Here I assembled each individual block with its own batting,  and quilted along the seam lines,  which was challenge enough for me as a beginner.  Maintaining even surface tension along the block is very tricky,  and is the reason why I shied away from quilting for a long time.   This is why some folks send their completed quilt tops to be professionally quilted in a shop,  where the machines are large enough to handle such a project that would be unfeasible in a home setting.  Would I try my hand at small scale quilting again?  Most definitely,  as I’m pleased with the results of having a “battened down blanket”,   and practice makes perfect!

Photography by Photo0pal





  1. I’m new to quilting and this stash busting phenom sounds like a winner to me. For those that are into unique you can’t beat “stash busting” for one-of-a-kind creations. 😉

    Something you wrote above reminded me of a book I am working my way through now, “That Perfect Stitch: The Secrets of Fine Hand Quilting”, Second Edition by Dierdra A. McElroy. You might find it useful also. Just paying it forward.

    Keep up the good work.




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