Farn Mat Completed

I first blogged about this project here.   It began with the need to use up old polyester yardage that I didn’t want to make clothing out of.   I had hoped to finish it sooner,  but I realized that I needed to keep the ends of the blue and brown farn from fraying,  so I had to take time out to process it (see pics below).  The pink farn didn’t need fray control because that fabric was backed with a second layer of thin polyester which makes it more durable and less prone to fraying.  Processing took a long time and I used up every last spool of un-needed leftover threads in my stash.  It was tedious work,  but I thought it was necessary because I didn’t want a synthetic fabric shedding shreds around the house.

I  crocheted the mat ,  even though I thought at first that I would knit it.  Crocheting was a better option because the farn is heavy,  cumbersome and has no give like regular yarn.   I used a giant crochet hook (size S) ,  and it got the job done.   It made a really durable mat,  which is also portable and can be taken on outings.  I’ve now slated all the ugly fabrics in my stash to be made into Farn.  What a great way to make use out of unwanted fabric and transform it into something better!

Farn Processing

Farn Processing Closer

Aqua Farn

Brown Farn

Farn Mat

Farn Mat Closer Up

Farn Mat Closer Up 2

Farn Mat and Guitar




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