Weekly Retrospective 17

This self designed wrap skirt was made from leftover fabric of originally white gauze that I batiked by hand.  I had bought several yards of the gauze,  and I made 3 summer garments out of it:  a men’s shirt,  a child’s shirt, and a child’s jumpsuit.  The dye process was partly experimental.   I used 2 different resists when I drew the design: traditional wax,  and rice paste.  I was hoping to find a better alternative to wax,  which is hard to remove from fabric,  so I gave rice resist a try,  reasoning that if it worked out,  I’d be able to replace wax for all future projects.   Unfortunately it didn’t work ,  it just didn’t penetrate the fabric enough to resist the dye,  so I had a portion of leftover fabric that only dyed one color and didn’t receive the design.  It is from that fabric that this skirt was made.  I had some remaining remnants of correctly batiked fabric that I used as appliques on the skirt,  and I made use of the plain background to showcase those.

Photography by Photo0pal

093 (2)


103 (3)









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