Weekly Retrospective 20

For this post,  I’ve chosen to share with you some embroidery I did on a vintage denim jacket by Good Fellows Clothing Co.  The art is inspired by Asia.  Its a lotus flower growing in water,  its natural habitat,  yet it is also nurtured by the light and heat of the sun.  In that regard it is a study of the elements:  the creative potential of water and fire.  My original plan was to cover the jacket in hand embroidered designs,  but the project was set aside in favor of others.   Its definitely something I intend to get back to someday.

This is the last Weekly Retrospective.  Twenty weeks was a lot to keep up with,  and I  can’t juggle the tasks of archiving my past work on a weekly basis with my current projects,  which also need to be posted.  I’m going to just focus on my present work,  and eventually I’ll photograph the remainder of my past work all at once and upload it.  I hope you enjoyed the series as much as I did producing it  😀

Week 20


Week 20 no. 3

Week 20 no. 4

Week 20 no. 5


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