White Pinstripe Outfit

I had this fabric in my stash for a long time.  Its from my Craiglist haul and its one of the better fabrics.  Its some kind of nylon lycra knit,  with a vertical pinstripe.  Vertical stripes are rarer than horizontal,  but they were very common in the collection of fabrics that I obtained a few years back.    Most of the fabrics were/are definitely quite challenging,  and have usually required a lot of thought in order to make them work.   With that being said,  I’ve been persistently working at using up the freebie stash and freeing up more work and storage space for the fabrics that I buy.   I’ve actually freed up one storage tub (a real accomplishment),  and in doing so,  unearthed this fabric.

The outfit consists of 3 pieces:  a tank top,  a long sleeve shirt,  and of course pants.

The shirt is made from McCall’s 4872,  an out of print pattern.  I made view D,  cut the shirt’s band out of white lycra,  and added contrasting piping of the main fabric to that. The undershirt,  made from the tank top pattern,  was made in order to hide the appearance of bra straps without having to wear a strapless bra.

The pants are made from McCall’s 4664,  also out of print.  Its a pattern of gym wear basics,  and I’ve used the pants pattern from this as a sloper,  and  made my needed adjustments to it.  Instead of cutting the waistband and stretching it to fit ( as in the original pattern) ,  I cut it a little longer and simply elasticized the waist instead.

Photography by Photo0pal




Late Summer 2014 035



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