Seasonal Transitions

I had some remnants of corduroy that,  up until now,  I couldn’t figure out what to make with.  I thought maybe I’d make a handbag with them,  but then I saw the city gym shorts pattern from Purl Bee.  Its a free download,  so I gave it a try,  and I’m glad I did!  I modded it considerably for my own needs.  I made the shorts longer for fall weather,  made them in corduroy (the suggested fabric was lawn),  added a drawstring with grommets in the waistband,  and added side pockets.  The contrast fabric for the side pockets is the same fabric as the shirt I’m wearing,  which is another runoff of Butterick 5215.  Its a thin rayon stretch knit that I bought from JoAnn’s.   Mixing woven and stretch takes patience,   but I got it under control and finished the shorts to a level of quality that I’m happy with.    I doubled the stretch knit and basted them together to better match the weight of the corduroy,  which definitely made the marriage of the two possible.






Photography by Photo0pal

Shoes by Skechers





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