V1419 Sewalong Progress: The Muslin

As I mentioned in my last post,  I’ve joined the V1419 Sewalong.  Vogue 1419 is a couture coat pattern by designer Ralph Rucci.  My daughter saw the design and thought it was awesome,  so I promised I’d make the coat for her.   Shortly after that,  LLadybird started a sewalong for the design.  The timing was perfect,  so I joined immediately.   Here’s my daughter modeling the muslin for the coat.  I’m very pleased with it so far (and so is she!),  although there’s one issue with the fit that will need to be altered,  and that has to do with the fact that she’s closer to the next size up in the bust.   This made for a tightly closing placket in that area,  even though the fit is correct through the underarms.   If I were to make the next size up,  the coat would probably be too big in the arms and shoulders.  Since the coat fits correctly in every other aspect,  I only need to add more room to make for a more spacious overlapping front closure,  and then do one more fitting.

RR muslin 1

Photography by Photo0pal


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