Tools Of The Trade: June Tailor Pattern Stick Adhesive Spray Product Review

I was at my local Joann’s recently,  shopping specifically for a chiffon print I liked that I’d seen last time I was there.   I had a 50% off coupon to use,  which was unusable on the chiffon because that was already on sale.   Hoping to make use of my coupon,  I espied a few cans of the pattern stick spray off to the side of the top of one of the pattern file cabinets.   I remembered back to a previous visit when my daughter was thinking of buying a can but we thought that $10 was a bit steep.   Now,  with my coupon bringing it to $5,  and having to soon cut slippery chiffon and satin,  it was worth a try.

PS 0

Here’s my review:


It really does stick well to the fabric,  and because of that,  it makes the cutting of slippery fabrics easier.   It also makes for close,  accurate cuts,  which is very important with any fabric,  and even harder to achieve with difficult to handle fabrics.     It makes the pattern paper lie very flat,  with no shifting whatsoever.  Another plus is that the pattern paper doesn’t get torn from pins.

PS 1
No pins or weights!
PS 2
Chiffon made manageable!
PS 3
Another example of the “no pins” cutting power achieved with this product


PS 4
A close up of the cutting accuracy



It’s very tacky,  and takes some practice to work with efficiently.   The spray got on the thumb nail of my hand holding the pattern while spraying,  and was a hassle to remove after repeated sprayings.  It was quite gummy.

The pattern paper had to be handled carefully after spraying while carrying it back to the cutting table.  It stuck to itself a couple of times and had to be pulled apart before laying it down on the fabric.  This is due to my choice of spraying in front of an open door,  and not directly over the cutting table.  I did this for ventilation reasons,  and because I didn’t want excess spray floating down onto my fabric.


It’s a good product,  very useful for managing the cutting of slippery fabrics.   Aside from the problems I mentioned,  it does eliminate the need for pins or weights.   However,  I will say that a couple of pins or weights would still have been a good idea  because while the top layer of fabric is firmly adhered,  the bottom layer still shifts if moved too much.  It’s easy to forget this when looking at the top,  which is so well controlled.   A couple of  well placed pins would easily fix this.

The instructions say that the pattern pieces can be used again without a repeated spraying,  and that the glue can be re-activated with a warm iron.   I haven’t tried this yet,  so I can’t say whether or not it works.  I will say though,  that the pattern pieces do remain pretty tacky,  and they fold so flat that the pattern envelope nearly looks like it did before the pattern was taken out and cut.

My final rating on a scale of 1-10:  8

Please Note:  This is an objective,  unbiased review made to further the knowledge of the sewing community.   I received no compensation from June Tailor,  Inc. for this review.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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