McCall’s 7093

When I saw this chiffon print in Joann’s,  I knew I had to make something with it.  I think the print is beautiful,  and it went well with some green ponte I’m using to make a pair of pants.    It also went well with some aqua satin I’ve had in my stash for years from my Craigslist haul.   I mentioned earlier this year that 2015 would be a stashbusting year for me,  and I’m keeping true to my goal in the making of this shirt.  The only fabric bought for this project was the chiffon,  which I backed with the satin to make it opaque.

As for the pattern,  it’s a bit of a departure for me.  I’m very spoiled by the comfort and elasticity of knit fabrics,  and a woven shirt is indeed a change of pace!    I chose 7093 for the way it would showcase the chiffon print.  I also liked the raglan sleeves,  angular panels and pockets,  and the graduated difference in hem height from front to back.  I chose my size based on my bust size (38),  and cut a 16.   It fits fine,  however, there was a problem with looseness in the shoulders when leaning to one side or the other.   This would cause a problem of my bra strap showing on one side.  You can see that a bit in the 4th pic down.   My shoulders might be smaller than average,  so that’s probably the reason why.  I’ve since fixed the problem by extending the length of the upper sleeve dart,  which has helped the shirt stay on my shoulders better.   I have to say that the neckline on my shirt isn’t as high up as the model’s shirt on the pattern envelope.    I also chose  View B with the pockets,  which I must have.   They’re by no means heavy duty,  but they’ll hold a shopping list or a couple of tissues,  so they have a purpose.

All in all,  I’m pleased with the shirt.  It’s great for cooler spring days,  and I love the bright colors!

By the way,  do you like the black spandex leggings?  They’re one of my self drafted makes!

Photography by Photo0pal










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