Days of Sewing’s Past

I’ve been visiting with my Grandmother.  She can no longer live alone,  and needs help with the tremendous task of moving.  I traveled 3000 miles (4828 km) to her home,  and I’ve spent the past month assisting her,  helping her settle her affairs,  and preparing for the impending change that will soon come.    Part of this preparation involves sorting through her lifetime of possessions,  and deciding what should be kept,  donated, thrown away or sold.    She’s been,  for the most part,  a saver of things,  and that’s made my job difficult due to the sheer amount of things to sort through,   and at other times,  interesting for the surprise of discovering the unknown.  One of the treasure troves I’ve found while here is her stash of vintage sewing tools and notions,  sitting untouched and unused for many a year.   Like most women of her time,  my grandmother knew the basics of sewing.  It was considered a mandatory skill that all women should have,  and her life is no exception to that cultural standard.     Here are some highlights of her collection:

A trio of vintage patterns
A trio of vintage patterns

Vintage Pins

Vintage Pins 1

Wicker Sewing Box
Wicker Sewing Box
Wood Spools
When thread spools were made of wood!
Vintage Thread Snippers
An ancient thread snipper
Vintage Snaps
10 cents, wow
Vintage Notions
Machine needles and Seam Binding – 30 and 15 cents!


Button & Carpet Thread
Button & Carpet Thread
Old time darning cotton
Old time darning cotton
A gadget for heavy duty utility sewing
A gadget for heavy duty utility sewing
Speedy 1
Close up of the Speedy Stitcher
With it's instructions
With it’s instructions





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