My Pilgrimage To Mood Featuring McCall’s 6752 & Vogue 1378

I’m here in NYC on family business,  so of course I took some time out to visit Mood Fabrics!   It’s been a dream of mine for a long time that has finally come true!  I made sure to model my new outfit while I was there:  the shirt is M6752 view A,  made in one of Mood’s jersey prints.  I bought this print to match the green ponte that I used to make my pants.  It’s a teal sort of green and finding the right knit print to match wasn’t easy.  After looking around at my local Joann’s and at other online fabric shops,  I decided to order the paisley from Mood.  It really matched the green better than anything else I’d seen.   It was a fairly easy shirt to sew,  comfortable and satisfying to wear.

The pants are Vogue 1378,  a pull on pants pattern with a funky pieced flare at the bottom that I really like.  I first saw this pattern made on,  and placed it onto my must-make list after that.   I worked hard on these pants.  I spent a lot of time altering the pattern,  which was no easy feat,  because it has several pieces,  some with sharp angular shapes. My main concern was shortening it to my height (5’1.5″).  I didn’t want to shorten just the bottom flare,  because I thought it might look out of proportion against the other pieces,  so I decided to distribute the shortened length throughout all of the pieces.  The upper pieces received half the total amount of shortening needed,  and the bottom pieces received the other half.  In this way,  I reasoned,  the pants would look proportionate without looking obviously altered on any one piece.   When I return home I’ll take some pictures of the work I did on this pattern and upload them to this post,  or make a new one explaining in more detail.  I think I succeeded in getting the right length.  I’ve gotten the length TOO short on some pants I’ve made,  but I think I hit the target this time.  As for the fit,  I cut a size 20 and did a full seat adjustment.  If I make these again,  I’ll cut an 18,  because they’re a bit baggy in the front,  which tells me that I cut too large a size.

I had a great time at Mood!  I could spend many days looking through the aisles,  touching fabrics and marveling at all the possibilities.  One particular fabric caught my eye:  a silk shantung print with some stretch in the weft,  and I bought some without a second thought!  It was one of those fabrics you know you want to buy the minute you see it.   I hope to make a shirt with it before the summer’s over,  but if not,  then I still have it.

Here I am, on my pilgrimage to Mood,  strolling through the aisles ,  awestruck by the array of beautiful fabrics in one of the world’s most famous fabric stores:

Right outside the entrance.
Right outside the entrance.




Me at MoodMood Entrance


The fabric that caught my eye.
The fabric that caught my eye.
The man at the cutting table.
The man at the cutting table.
Cutting Table Man 2
This man is a pro! He cut my order very quickly and efficiently.

Me at Mood 4

Wending my way through
Wending my way through

Me at Mood 5

Me in front of the Mood Mirror...yeah!
Me in front of the Mood Mirror…yeah!

Thanks to Zito K. for the great photography 🙂




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