A Self Drafted Asymetrical Dolman Tunic

The weather was beautiful here in NYC today:  temps in the 80s (30 C),  and clear blue skies.  It felt like August all over again!   It was a great day to wear my new self drafted Dolman tunic.

I finally set up a temporary makeshift sewing station for while I’m living here.  I’m using my Grandmother’s vintage Singer machine.   It needed some TLC in the form of WD40,  but I managed to get it running again,  and guess what? – it runs great.   It’s a basic straight stitch machine with all metal parts – a true workhorse with a lot of power.  It would probably be considered an industrial machine by modern standards.   I like it because it’s keeping my sewing dreams alive!

For ironing,  I’m using a mini ironing board set atop a side table,  and for cutting,  I’m using a tarp as a buffer between my fabric and the floor.  Yeah,  I’m roughing it,  but I’m still creating garments,  and I’m grateful for that.

For my first garment from my new workshop,  I decided to use the fabric I bought from my visit to Mood during the earlier part of the summer.  I drafted a Dolman block,  and ended up cutting 2 muslins:  the first muslin’s neckline was too large,  and the bodice was too big.  It was also too long,  and I didn’t have enough silk to accommodate the extra length.   I altered the block’s neckline,  sleeves and waistline to be smaller,  shortened the tunic by a few inches,   and cut another muslin.  This time it fit right!  I was finally ready to cut into the gorgeous silk shantung I had purchased.

Here are some pics of me wearing my new tunic,  my workstation,  and my process:

Thanks to my hubby Zito for the great photography 🙂

Dolman Block

My new old Singer machine.
My new old Singer machine.
My ironing station, with the silk shantung from Mood gracing it.
My ironing station, with the silk shantung from Mood gracing it.

Dolman 6

Dolman 10

Dolman 1

Dolman 9

Dolman 8Dolman 7



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