Motley For Winter

I’ve gotten back to knitting again,  as I often do during the winter months.  I really feel drawn to knitting around this time of year.  It just goes so well with the season:  the cold weather,  long nights,  and  having to be indoors so much.  I had a slew of leftover sock yarns that needed to be used,  so I searched on Ravelry for a pattern and found the Graphic Kerchief by Ce Persiano.  It’s a free pattern that uses fingering yarns, and I decided to give it a try.   It was my first triangular piece of knitting,  and a fun knit to make.  I like the fact that it was easy,  but that it also taught me something new,  such as how to wrap and turn a stitch.  It also makes use of short rows,  which up until now,  was a technique I hadn’t used outside of sock knitting,  for turning a heel.  The pattern uses short rowing once,  but I decided to use it a second time to straighten and balance the piece on the opposite side. By knitting this pattern  I got a better idea of how short rows can be used to shape a piece of knitting,  so it was a positive learning experience that was also very enjoyable.   I really liked the free form use of colors that I was able to employ in this piece.  That was my favorite part about this project! Here’s a link to my Ravelry Project Page.

I chose to block this piece when I finished it.  One side of the triangle was a bit uneven,  so I used lace weight blocking wires  to straighten it out.  I gave the kerchief a wash in Eucalan first before blocking.  I treated myself to a set of blocking mats  to make the job easier.   Another reason I blocked this piece was because it was a bit small for my liking.   I thought that blocking would enlarge it,  and I was right.  Here’s the specs:

Pre Blocked Measurements

Long Side:  48″ (121.92 cm)

Cast Off Side:  27.5″ (69.85 cm)

Third Side:  30.25″ (76.83 cm)

Post Blocking Measurements

Long Side:  51.5″ (130.81 cm)

Cast Off Side: 31.5″ (80 cm)

Third Side:  34.25″ (87 cm)

Here’s a few pics of me wearing my new scarf/shawl,  and my creative process.

My sock yarn stash leftovers.


The scarf at the beginning.
Eucalan Wash
The Eucalan Wash.


Motley 5
Wired and on the blocking mats.


Motley 1Motley 2Motley 4




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