Test Lace Swatch

Here’s the test run of the lace pattern for my next project:

Lace Swatch 2

I had some difficulty with the chart at first,  as I’m new to them.  I’ve studied lace and cable charts before when teaching myself how to knit,  but study and actual execution of a pattern are two different things.

What I Learned

  • The decreases in a knitting chart are marked in only one space,  but the knitter must take two spaces into account when knitting the decrease.
  • Even though the pattern is supposed to remain confined within a certain number of stitches it will sometimes “drift” outward into the space of other marked stitches and borrow a stitch,  which is then given back after the balance is restored.

Now I’m gonna have another go at the actual pattern.  The lace finally looks correct on this smaller scale,  so I should be able to render the larger garment now that I’ve gotten the hang of the lace portion.



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