Handplied, Self Designed, Tank

I’ve been talking about finishing this for some time now.  I finally did!  The weather on Election Day was so mild and beautiful here.  It reached 70°, and allowed me to model a shirt that I’d planned to have finished during the summer. I was granted a reprieve of autumn, on a day I really needed it,  and I’m so grateful for that.  The yarns are listed here.
So what do you think?
This is an original design, one that I agonized over at times, and one that ultimately, I was able to bring to fruition.

An art shot. I couldn’t resist!






This is a tall Rose tree.  It reaches at least 7 ft.(2.1 meters)if not a bit more.
Some Rose Hips are at the top of the tree.  They can still be gotten though.

I’ve been very busy with renovating our new home,  and I have loads of things to say about it!  It’s what I do these days….

My home renovation blog

Until next time,  Ciao.



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