Noro Rainbow Roll

I recently received a gift of Noro wool roving from my daughter.  She bought it for me because I mentioned that I’m interested in doing some real spinning.  I wanted to get my feet a little wetter,  that is,  I wanted to spin some actual wool instead of plying two pre-spun yarns together.  This package is called the Noro Rainbow Roll,  and it’s 100% wool. It’s pre-drafted into a very thin flattish tape for spinning,  which is called pencil roving. It was fun to spin,  and it should knit up into the signature Noro ombre stripe effect that’s so famous.  It was a 4 oz (113 gm) roll,  and my estimate of yardage that it made is about 400 or so (366 m).  Now I just have to think of what to make with it,  and what size needle to use.  It spun into a fine but slubby yarn that has a very natural homey look to it,  so I’m looking forward to seeing what it’ll look like once it’s made into a fabric 🙂

The yarn bowl is new,  a gift to myself from back in the summer.  It was bought at Acorn Street Yarn,  and is handmade locally by Heidi’s Pottery.













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