Wool Silk Roving

I enjoyed spinning with the Noro Rainbow Roll,  so much so that I decided to buy some real roving.  I chose a luxury mix of 70% wool,  30% silk.  I wanted to ensure that my first experience of spinning actual roving would be a happy one.  I bought 4 oz (113.4 gms) of fiber.  Initially I was going for a DK weight,  but I ended up spinning what amounts to a bulky weight yarn.



It was more challenging than the Rainbow Roll,  because I had to draft the roving myself and control the width of the draft all the way through.  It was a challenge to get an even thickness,  and I’m still learning  how to achieve that, but hey, it’s handspun and that’s the beauty of it.   Still, I  liked it and I’m ready for more!  So ready,  in fact,  that I put a down payment on a spinning wheel.  I don’t have time or a place for it now while renovating,  but in a few months it’ll be a great addition to my creative life.

Ok,  back to painting kitchen cabinets…

Take care and see you soon 🙂


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