Key Cozies

Last July I moved into my new home,  and when that happened the amount of keys on my key ring doubled from 2 to 4.   This meant that I had to memorize what lock each key went to,  which wasn’t easy for me because 3 of the keys looked very similar to one another.  The first idea I came up with to help me sort them was to mark them with a piece of duct tape.   It was a quick fix that worked for awhile,  but wasn’t really a permanent solution to the problem,  as you can see below:

Key before Cozy 3
I used to mark my keys with duct tape to tell them apart.  It didn’t last very well.

The duct tape became grundgy from time spent in my pocket and purse,  and it actually got moved from the spot where I originally placed it.  Once that happened it’s adhesive began oozing out from beneath it.   In other words,  a total mess!  I lived with it that way for a while,  until I found this pattern for making key cozies on my Pinterest feed and decided to give it a try.

I swore I’d never buy knitting needles smaller than a size 2 (2.75 mm),  but I did because the pattern called for a set of  size 1 (2.25 mm) dpns.  Here’s the beginning of a cozy:

Cozy on needle
I divided my cast on stitches between 2 needles.

Key with knitting


Here’s the progress as it knits up:

Key with Cozy on Needles

Holding Key in Cozy

The cozy is permanently knitted onto the key.   The finishing is done while the key is in the cozy.

Key in Cozy

And here’s the finished product.  I made 3 of them,  2 solids and one variegated,  to help me identify which key goes where:

Keyring 10

Keyring 6

Keyring 8

Keyring 4

Keyring 5

My thoughts on the pattern:

  1.  It’s admittedly a bit fiddly to get started.  It takes calm and patience,  but once the increases are made,  it’s pretty easy,  and it finishes quickly too.  The whole pattern is only 11 rounds.
  2.  I ran into a problem on the first decrease row (Round 8).  For some reason (I’m not sure why),  the repeat didn’t work out evenly for me.  It seems correct in pattern theory:  the math looks right,  but I was coming up short of stitches at the end of the round.  I couldn’t complete the 2nd decrease repeat.  I remedied this by modding Round 8 when knitting my second and third cozies.  I changed K3 to K2 and I was able to make the 2nd repeat,  however it did seem to make the yarn over for the keyhole (Round 9) less visible.
  3.  I tried using kitchener stitch to close up one of the cozies.  I wondered if it might make a neater finish than just pulling the thread through and tying a knot.  It does make a nicer finish but it also lengthens the cozy a bit more than just tying it.  This may or may not be good depending on your key.  I decided to stick with the pattern because it’s easier anyway.


It’s a quick thing I was able to make in order to help get myself and my things organized, and I do recommend it to those of you who might need a sorting solution like this.  Even if you don’t,  make some anyway,  they make your keys look cool!




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