Burda 110 Cutout Mini Dress Muslin

I bought this pattern the minute I saw it – I really like the cutout neckline!  I knew I’d have to find a way to get back to sewing in order to make it up,  even in the midst of home renovations.  I decided to make a muslin first,  because I’m plus size on my lower half.  I needed to grade the pattern up in the hips,  and I wanted to check the fit before I cut actual fabric.  It turns out that it was a good idea that I did a practice run,  because I discovered a couple of pattern glitches that would’ve been a hassle if I’d been working with my fashion fabric.  Now I know what to look out for!

Here’s the pics of my completed muslin:

Burda 1

Burda 3

I didn’t bother to finish the dress or sleeve hems – I was concerned only with the fit. When I saw that it fit me properly,  I stopped working on the muslin.

The Construction Process

There are 2 different styles of loops to be made in this pattern:  the rectangular loops for the collar,  and the crossover loops that are used to lace the dress to the collar.   The crossover loops are the ones that are hard to make,  because it involves turning a thin tube of fabric right side out after having sewn it right sides together.

Here’s some pics of the loop making and turning process:

Loop 1

Loop 2
The strips folded in half for sewing
Loop 6
Stitched and ready for turning
Loop Turn 1
Turning a loop
Loop Turn 2
Once you get the loop through the opposite end,  you’re home free.

And that’s it!  I’ve bought the fabric to make the dress with,  and I’m gonna get to making it as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading 🙂







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