Burda 110 Cutout Mini Dress: Completed


I finally finished this dress,  with a bit of the summer left to wear it.

I made this dress up in 100% linen,  and the name of the color is “Black Papyrus”.  It’s an interesting weave of black and eggshell color threads,  resulting in a down to earth, natural fabric that I was really attracted to.   I bought it at Joann’s,  I’d seen it there for the past year, but I didn’t have the right garment idea in mind yet.  When I found this pattern,  I knew that I’d found a use for it, and therefore a reason to buy it.  I could’ve bought it earlier “just because”,  but I’m trying to restrain my tendency to hoard fabric! Anyhow,  I was pleased to see that they still had it there because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out.

This pattern is from the Desert Queen collection at BurdaStyle,  that was published in April of this year.

I love the unique lattice work “cage” neckline of the design.  I don’t need any jewelry when I wear this, because the dress has all the sparkle:

Burda 1

Burda 3

Burda 5

Burda 6

Burda 7

Burda 8

Burda 9

Burda 13

Burda 11

Burda 15

In my last post I showed the muslin for this dress,  and I mentioned that I’d found  a pattern glitch in the construction.  I devised a new (and what I believe to be better) construction for the lattice work,  because I wasn’t happy with their method.  If you’re interested in seeing a separate post or video of my altered approach to the construction, let me know in the comments section.

Happy Sewing, and thanks for reading 🙂









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