Learning To Spin

I recently did some shopping for yarns to knit a tank top with.  I bought 2 different yarns,  and had planned to hold them double while knitting,  however when I began knitting with them I wasn’t pleased with the effect.   It wasn’t what I was hoping for.   After giving it some thought I […]


This is the Bandolier cardigan by Diane Zangl.  Formerly a pay to own pattern designed for Bijou Basin Ranch to promote sales of their yarns,  it’s now a free download.  Although I would’ve liked to knit this with the recommended yarn,  it was too expensive.  Instead,  I  substituted Ella Rae’s basic worsted.   I had […]

Test Lace Swatch

Here’s the test run of the lace pattern for my next project: I had some difficulty with the chart at first,  as I’m new to them.  I’ve studied lace and cable charts before when teaching myself how to knit,  but study and actual execution of a pattern are two different things. What I Learned The […]